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Please make sure you meet the following conditions.
  1. You are 18 years old and above but not older than 80 years old.
  2. You are not renewing for Toyota's Hilux, Vellfire, Fortuner and sports or high performance cars.
  3. Your vehicle Sum Insured is not exceeding RM 500,000.
  4. Your vehicle is within 15 years old.
  5. Your next policy renewal date is within 60 days.
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    *Prices subject to change from insurance underwritings
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    • Summary

    • You're qualified for NCD!

    • Coverage Period:
      1 Year ( - )

    • Your Sum Insured

    • Excess

    • Please Select Your Preferred Plan

      MSIG Motor Plus

      • 7 pre-bundled motor add-on
      • Option to add more optional motor add-on
      • Save up to 25%

      MSIG Comprehensive Private Car

      • Basic plan
      • Choose your own motor add-on

      Personalise Your Plan


      Optional Motor Add-On

      CART ExtensionTo compensate for loss of use of your car based on assessed repair time by loss adjuster

    • Summary

    • You're qualified for NCD!

    • Coverage Period:
      1 Year ( - )

    • Your Sum Insured

    • Excess

    • Basic Premium

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('basicPremium'))
    • NCD ()

      - RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('ncdAmount'))
    • Total Amount

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('netNcdAmount'))
    • Motor Add-On
    • Additional Drivers

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('driverPremium'))
    • MSIG Motor Plus
      - Driver's Personal Accident - Plan 1 - Waiver of Compulsory Excess - Special Perils - Cover up to 100% - 24-Hour Unlimited Towing Service - Legal Liability of Passengers - Legal Liability to Passengers - Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('motorPlusPlanPremium'))
    • RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('driverPersonalAccidentSumInsured'))
    • Waiver of Compulsory Excess

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('waiverCompulsoryExcessPremium'))
    • 24-Hour Unlimited Towing Service

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('unlimitedTowingPremium'))
    • Legal Liability of Passenger

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('legalLiabilityOfPassengersPremium'))
    • Legal Liability to Passenger

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('legalLiabilityToPassengersPremium'))
    • Special Perils - Cover up to 100%

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('specialPerilsPremium'))
    • Limited Special Perils - Cover up to 25%

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('limitedSpecialPerilsPremium'))
    • Strikes, Riots & Civil Commotion

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('srccPremium'))
    • Waiver of Betterment Cost

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('bettermentPremium'))
    • RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('cartSumInsured'))
    • Smart Key Shield

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('smartKeyShieldSumInsured'))
    • Windscreen Coverage

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('windscreenSumInsured'))
    • E-Hailing

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('eHailingPremium'))
    • Current Year 'NCD' Relief

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('ncdReliefPremium'))
    • Total Motor Add-On

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('additionalPremium'))
    • Annual Premium

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('annualPremium'))
    • Rebate @10.0%

      - RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('discount'))
    • Service Tax ( %)

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('sstVal'))
    • Stamp Duty

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('stampDuty'))
    • Total Amount Payable

      RM $number.format($format, $!request.getParameter('grandTotal'))
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